I am so glad that we went with Jen as our agent when selling our San Jose home. Jen was extremely professional, always answered our emails quickly and thoroughly, and was very patient with us. I would absolutely use her as our realtor in the future, and recommend her services to anyone who is buying or selling a home. Jen was also very sensitive to our personal issues when we had to delay the sale for several months. She stayed patient and optimistic, and communicating with her always kept us positive about the sale of our home.

Sincerely, Natalie Romano

Jen is absolutely the best real estate agent. I interviewed several agents for my first home but Jen was the best. She is very energetic and meticulously scans the disclosure packets that one has to go through while purchasing a house. Her unbiased summaries about a house were great. She was never pushy and left the final call to me. She was very flexible and would work as per my schedule. She referred me to an excellent contractor for getting some renovation that I wanted after the purchase. I am very pleased to have found her and look forward to working with her for my future real estate needs.

Thanks, Harpreet Singh

As a first time seller moving out of state, I was really frazzled and focused on my relocation and transition. I gave myself a very ambitious goal of moving to Washington state, and listing and closing in only TWO MONTHS, all while the recent Presidential election was going on. Talk about turbulent times! On top of that, My home was a 1/1 condo, which are infamously tougher to sell. Luckily for me, I knew Jen from a common friend and had been talking to her for months before my move plans went into play. It was a real comfort to be able to go to an expert that I already knew I trusted.

I want to get Jen a superhero cape, utility belt, and an invisible plane because she proved she's 3x A SUPER HERO!!! She did an AMAZING job of guiding me through the valuation, inspection, staging and listing processes, and made some STELLAR home improvement recommendations that really increased the value of the property. The majority of our discussions were over the phone and in between a lot of craziness, but it all went incredibly smoothly. 

You can tell she's been doing this for years because the little unplanned surprises along the way never caught her off guard.  Jen KEPT ME INFORMED of the timelines, next steps, and was always reachable anytime I had silly, first time seller questions. She GAVE INSIGHT into analyzing the offers we received and was ALWAYS 100% honest with her opinions and ALWAYS 100% ethical with her actions, (which I expected because I already trusted her, but it's still an amazing thing to see in action, because there are some really shady agents out there!)

Jen's marketing plan and open house planning was modern and meticulous, and even though I could not be there in person, friends and family were EXTREMELY IMPRESSED by Jen's presentation of the property. And just like that, we got our first offer before our official open house! And I think we were in contract in under a week of listing! We picked a well qualified buyer and I accepted an offer above my expected selling price. ESCROW closed exactly as expected, actually EARLIER than expected, and I couldn't be happier with the entire transaction. 

When you meet Jen, you'll know that she is "THE ONE" and you can STOP LOOKING! Her charming personality, expertise, and professionalism will make her your first choice amongst realtors. She's also fantastic on the buying side, I've seen her in action and have friends that swear by her.  If I ever go back to the Bay Area, she's the one I'll go back to. And I will always recommend her with top marks to my family & friends. If you choose Jen, be prepared for an INCREDIBLY SATISFYING transaction!!!

Sincerely, Jen H

Stellar agent! I work for Arcus Lending and handled the financing for our mutual client which recently closed. The sellers were as difficult as it gets and it was quite the task for any agent to even get a client into contract on this house, but Jen was a pro! Not only did she get our client(s) into contract on the home, but she did it for $35K less than what the seller demanded. Jen was a pleasure to work with throughout the process and we closed on time and everyone was happy. She has what it takes to represent her clients' interests to the fullest and I highly recommend her services if you're in the market to either buy or sell your property!

Vincent B,

Jen is truly "as good as it gets".  She is very professional and has an extremely pleasant and cheerful personality.  She is also available whenever we need to see a property.  We do quite a lot of real estate investing so we have worked with many real estate agents both on the buying and selling side.  Jen is definitely one of the best agents we had the pleasure in working with.  

Given that it is a seller's market, Jen worked diligently with the seller's agent to provide the best intel and guidance in our offers.  After months of trying, and ten's of submitted offers, we finally purchased another investment property below market value with Jen's help.  Throughout the transaction, Jen worked diligently to coordinate multiple inspections and loan details for us.  She really helped made the experience a lot less stressful for us, even for those of us who are experienced at home buying/selling.  I strongly recommend her service to friends and family alike.  

Thank you again, Jen!

Jon L,

We were first time buyers and hence wanted to partner with an agent who were experienced and reliable. We chose Jim and Jen after going through positive reviews on RedFin, especially from the new buyers. We worked primarily with Jen as she looks after the SJ market. 

Jen was pleasing to work with from the get go. She knows the process very well and goes out her way to get things done. We made an offer in the very first week of working with her, and we got the house. During the entire process, she would guide us through the steps and what to do next. We were never kept in dark, were kept informed of all the details. We are mighty happy about owning our first home and Jen played a big part in it. 

The one thing that I was not very convinced was the offer price. I thought we made a very generous offer, and given the lack of time, we just went ahead with her suggestion. 

But apart from that, it has been a very pleasing experience. I would strongly recommend buyers to work with Jen.

Sanj P,

en Beehler -  Short Story...Great Agent...Highly Recommend!  Long Story...Experienced, caring, patient, knowledgeable about the market and the neighborhoods where she works.  In addition, she really listens to the needs of the client taking into account their long term goals and short term needs resulting in great savings for her buyers and sellers.  Of the clients we have worked together on or the clients I have referred to her, I receive nothing but accolades and kudos about her.  In addition she makes the process enjoyable as she has a great sense of humor and has a way to calm the fears of her clients in times of anxiety and stress.  Perhaps its her organization skills and experience in the biz...what ever it is, she is great to work with.  In short...Call her when you need to buy or sell.  You will not go wrong!

Rob M,

I met Jen earlier this year when I was researching properties on the peninsula. We then happened to run into each other at an open house five months later after I shifted my search to the South Bay Area. Jen made my first home purchase a smooth and fun experience. She calmed my nerves every step of the way and she has an amazing personality She's super hard working, a great communicator and an expert in the markets she covers. Apart from working with investment properties, Jen is also very experienced in dealing with varying purchasing scenarios and conditions. I highly recommend Jen and plan to come back to her for future transactions.

Nikhil S,

I'm a first time home buyer and I am happy to recommend Jen Beehler to anyone needing a local realtor.  

I met Jen through the Redfin website when I inquired about a condo I was interested in.  She answered questions or got information in a timely manner. She also seemed to be knowledgeable, honest and sincerely interested in helping me through the rather lengthy process. In my case, I looked at three different places and she was helpful finding the strengths and weakness of each place and helping me make up my own mind.  She was very professional yet friendly in all my dealings with her. I was also happy she used DocuSign to expedite the necessary paperwork.  I was out of the country when I needed to sign all the necessary documents (and there are a lot!) and this allowed me to sign them from my computer.   

For an honest review, one should include the negatives of a product or service, but I really didn't have any with Jen.  I think she really likes her work and it comes through to the client.  Don't hesitate to contact her if you're looking for a good realtor!

Jack S,

Jen is the most amazing real estate agent! As first time home buyers, my fiancé and I found the experience to be quite daunting, but Jen helped us feel calm, confident, and have fun along the way. She was very patient and went over all the details at length with us.  She has a personality that immediately put us at ease-she's friendly, warm, and down-to-earth. She's not only the kind of person that you want as an agent, but also a friend. She is extremely knowledgable, professional, experienced, and detail-oriented. Jen is very quick to respond to emails, calls, texts, which is important in the crazy market. We felt well taken care at every stage of the home buying process.  We are so grateful to Jen and recommend her to our families, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. 

Thank you Jen for helping us achieve our dream of becoming home owners!!! 

Sara K.

My girlfriend and I began our home hunting experience last summer.  Fast forward one year, and someway, somehow...we've officially become homeowners!  We have a great deal of gratitude and appreciation for Jenn, because she made this all possible for us!
 We obviously had no idea where to start when we began this process last year.  During our initial meeting, Jenn took ALOT of time and exhibited great patience in relieving our anxieties as well as educating us on the intricacies of what to look for while house hunting.  
 Jenn has great number of qualities as a professional and a person.  I think one of the things that stand out to me is how excellent of an advocate she is for her clients.  She will go to bat for you, and question anything that does not seem right about a property.  
 We've had a great ride on our house visits together.  In the end, we finally got our house AND picked up a friend along the way.  


Jimmy and Sandra

Jen is seriously the best! We had been long time renters and when our 2nd landlord (in less than a year) wanted to sell the house we were living in and we had to move, we decided it was time to look into buying instead, We weren't really sure what we wanted to do (rent or own) or how to deal the crazy market, but we found Jen and she was amazing at helping us sort it all out. She did such an awesome job of helping us narrow down where you wanted to look, where would be best from an investment standpoint vs. our personal preferences and the pros and cons of each. She also helped us assess buying the rental we were living in and gave us great advice on not overpaying for that home. She was super knowledgeable about the market and was always spot on (despite some of my doubts) about how much houses would sell for and what to watch out for in home inspection reports. Also, this woman has patience! I was pretty picky about what I wanted in a house and Jen total supported me and never made me feel like I was being unreasonable. When we finally found the house we really wanted, Jen truly went above and beyond to help us buy it. She was great at connecting with the selling agent, selling us to him as the perfect buyers and getting us a chance to make an offer on the house even though the seller had another offer already. We had to put complete trust in Jen as it turned out we had to make an offer on the house while we were out of town!. However, in the end we got the house, its beautiful and we love it and Jen was totally there for us every step of they way and beyond. She's just a good person, somebody that you want to be friends with and can trust to really help you reach our goals - responsive, knowledgeable, friendly, and hardworking.

Melody C,

Jen is absolutely the best real estate agent. I interviewed several agents for my first home but Jen was the best. She is very energetic and meticulously scans the disclosure packets that one has to go through while purchasing a house. Her unbiased summaries about a house were great. She was never pushy and left the final call to me. She was very flexible and would work as per my schedule. She referred me to an excellent contractor for getting some renovation that I wanted after the purchase. I am very pleased to have found her and look forward to working with her for my future real estate needs.

Thanks, Harpreet Singh

I've known Jen on a personal level for several years. I knew she was involved in the real estate industry, but I wasn't sure to what extent. When I started looking to sell my 1-bedroom condo near downtown San Jose, she immediately offered to help.

Jen Beehler put our personal relationship aside and worked with me on a purely professional level. She was there at every step of the way, and helped out with my renter and being a physical presence on-site as I had moved out-of-state, and was unable to handle most things remotely. She implemented a solution for transitioning me from being an owner and landlord to becoming a home seller, without any difficulties whatsoever.

If I remained in the area, Jen is the first person I would go to when interested in home shopping, because she was absolutely amazing with the selling process.

Jason Z,

Jen is amazing. Super professional agent with a very cheerful personality.

We are first time home buyers in the  Bay area. We initially contacted a couple agents and Jen won our heart. We found her on the Redfin reviews and she looks great. What I liked about her over the others was that she answered our millions of questions in a clear, easy to understand but yet professional way. Because we are the first time home buyers, we did not know anything about the market nor how the process goes in the beginning. I still remembered how overwhelmed I felt when I got a folder containing dozens of disclosure documents for the first time. That was from another agent that we did not follow eventually. But with Jen, she sent us the disclosures with her summary/review. That was a great help for us in the beginning and we slowly learned how to read the disclosure documents on our own.

Another thing I like about Jen is that she is prompt to follow up all the things. I remember we liked a townhouse but the report said there was termite infestation. We were scared because it was the first time we saw a pest report with termites. (Now I would laugh at myself of making it such a big deal.) In order to answer our questions and concerns, she even called the pest inspection company to ask the inspector for clarifying the extent of infestation. (You know sometimes the report is a big vague.)

One more worth noting thing is that Jen is pretty good in estimating the sold price. We made several offers. Initially we made the offers at the lower end of the price range or just lower than the number of what she said. But in the end those properties were sold at/ very close to the number she estimated. (My lesson learned is that if you want to win the bid, then use her number in the offer. Another reviewer also said the her COMPs were high but they were correct from the sale records.) 

Now we just closed our transaction, and she doesn't need to tour us every Saturday morning. I am very happy that we worked with Jen we highly recommend her to anyone who needs a dealer in the bay area.

Thank you Jen. I think I will miss you. :)

Winnie W,